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The New Silent Majority and Democracy Run Amok

“Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not their own facts.” Daniel Moynihan

Fact: Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.
Fact: 48% of those eligible to vote did not.
Fact: Only 26% or half of those that voted, voted for Trump and the Republicans
Fact: Trump and his Republican allies refuse to acknowledge these facts.
Opinion: In fact, with their unwavering devotion to Trump, their unwillingness to accept Science and fact, and their willingness to shun and punish dissidents, the Republican Party is, at this time, more like a religious cult than an American political party.

Those who acknowledge these facts are the majority, experiencing the same fear and frustration as did the Silent Majority of the 1970’s. How long will this new majority remain silent at the ballot box and fail to vote against Republicans, especially at the state level?
When the new Silent Majority was in charge, it made mistakes: too much PC and over regulation, but they tried to be humane, inclusive and supportive of the planet. The original Silent Majority, now running a minority government, puts ideology above humanity, law over compassion and belief over facts.
How is it that so many in need of government assistance, bite the hand that feeds them? How is it that so many making less than $30K a year find common cause with those making millions?
How is it that the family values folks vote for a misogynistic pussy grabber?
How is it that so many against Hillary’s so called corruption, miss the Trump/Republican corruption, lies and distortions happening daily right before their eyes?
What will it take for those that did not vote to vote? How bad will it have to get? How much must be lost?
What will it take for the ideologues – the Bernie purists and the Republicans marching in lock step – to see that we are one nation?


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