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Friday (not so funny) Funnies

Friday (not so funny) Funnies

I’m sad, disappointed and annoyed with myself because I feel the need to talk about our Nation, Trump and the Republicans. Perhaps next week I’ll be able to see the humor in what’s happening to us….

Trump and the Republicans were elected. Many people who had their doubts about him and his friends voted for them, nonetheless – 55% of college educated white women voted for him; many well-to-do successful people voted for him. It wasn’t just, as much of the media keep saying, the economically deprived and emotionally disenfranchised.

What do these people think now? Do they think it’s all just ‘political,’ a witch hunt, just business as usual, that it will all work out? The true believers believe that. So do those that do not see that the Republican Party has become a cult with Trump as its deity.

Was Hillary really so bad, as bad as Trump? Was it really necessary for the Republicans to choose Party over Nation, stonewall everything Obama did and denigrate the Office of President? That’s how this began and brought us to where we are now.

Each day more of what was there all along is revealed. Is it clear yet that American Democracy faces an existential threat…from within? If more proof is needed, check out Trump’s demagoguery at the rally in West Virginia last night. Is he inviting his partisan true believers, as he invited the Russians durning the campaign, to get involved? Is he inviting them to take matters into their own hands? And, I know this is extreme, but does he want to be the last elected President of the United States?

It finally seems as if Congress is aware of the threat and is taking a few appropriate actions. But will the Republican dominated Congress be able to finally choose Nation over Party and take all the actions necessary to save the Republic?


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