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Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies

My hope last week was that I might see the humor in our national condition this week. I do not. There’s plenty of humor out there, but not in the reality of our national condition. In fact as he does everyday, even every minute, the President of the United States – God it disgusts and pains me to use that title for Trump – made it worse in his remarks yesterday, actually saying he was grateful to Putin for expelling our diplomats because we wanted to reduce our payroll. Can you imagine? Grateful? Reduce our payroll? Those diplomats will not be off the payroll, they will be re-assigned.
I’m sure today his zombie followers will be telling us it was just a joke…. Speaking of zombie Republicans, a Washington Post survey reported that 50% of Republicans would be OK if their Master ‘postponed’ the 2020 election. More proof that the Republican Party has become the cult of Trump.


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