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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday
What if we’re already, really in heaven, but the way we’re built (by the ego) and the way the world works (according to the ego) we can’t know that. We can catch glimpses of our reality (and everyone and everything’s) as one spiritual energy in moments of wonder, compassion, peace and joy, but it’s just not possible given what we take to be reality to sustainably know and feel the truth of who we are – spiritual beings having an earthly experience.


As long as we believe the opposite (with the ego), that we’re earthly beings having occasional spiritual experiences, we will never know and experience the truth all the time. This is so frustrating! We know there’s something greater and we’re a part of it, but we just can’t get there from here, no matter what. All we can do is be still more often, receptive and open to the part of us that knows the truth and allow it to be our guide.



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