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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

“If God is vast and boundless as the ocean, how can a tiny drop like man imagine what He knows?” Gandhi

Indeed. But still we must try. Right? We want to know, need to know, need the guidance. Yet any specific question involves a large number of assumptions which inevitably limit the answer. A specific question is actually a decision about the answer we want.

The purpose of words is to limit, and by limiting, make a vast area of experience more manageable. This is necessary for day-to-day living. But not for asking the power we call ‘God.’ This power – what Gandhi describes so beautifully as the boundless ocean, does not ‘speak.’ We know it within us by intuition, by gut feel and without fear for God is but love and therefore so am I (and you, and everyone and everything).

In the moments I truly know this, having gotten my fear and boated nothingness out of the way with prayer, meditation or mindfulness, I feel guided, guarded and protected; creative, compassionate and kind…even to myself.

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