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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Prayer and Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue seems to be a part of this holiday season. The unbelievable fires in California; the lingering aftermath of the hurricanes; the mass shootings; the suicide bombings in (thank God) other places. It seems wrong to celebrate the season of peace on earth and deny and ignore what’s going on. Yet, truth is, we don’t have to ignore what’s going on, nor deny our sorrow and compassion.

Whether we know and accept it or not, the power we call “God” is in, thru and as us.When we pray affirmatively – that means using the power we call “God”, feeling, connecting and being guided by it, when we claim it as ours, knowing it is there, too, with those that suffer, when we pray from that place of knowing, our experience of living changes and our compassion flows.

Affirmative prayer is not a prayer of petition, begging some super-natural power in the sky, not a ritualistic mantra, but a turning within, a wordless “Ahh” of gratitude, a sense of forgiveness and thankfulness; a gut knowing that paying it forward, being kind, gentle and compassionate and walking a mile (or even a few yards) in another’s shoes counts.

Such prayer is an affirmation of our own and everyone’s piece of the “God” power and a realization that our everyday thoughtfulness, good deeds and caring kindness matter, and will shift compassion fatigue to empathy and right action.


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