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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

When I’m centered in affirmative prayer, I see that words are symbols of symbols twice removed from reality. The words themselves are not holy, but what they symbolize – my and your oneness with spirit (are we earthly beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having an earthly experience) is.

I want to get past needing words and allow the experience to speak for itself. The experience of peace, kindness, vast effortless creative potential and causeless joy is what I want; don’t you? The certainty of love and protection, belonging and inclusion, instead of fear, conflict and anxiety is what I want.

Too often I and perhaps you, use words and never get beyond them to the experience. Isn’t it the content we want, not the form? We can’t help but use words. But we can use them mindfully. We can get centered, get our egos out of the way, become very intuitive and allow the words to flow through us. It feels awkward at first. But the more we practice pausing, listening, sensing then speaking, the better everyone’s experience is.

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