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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Is it desirable to work towards a world that works for everyone, everything and the planet itself? Most on the so called ‘liberal left’ and ‘conservative right’ would agree. The differences are around means, methods and attitudes. Dwelling on the differences, we lose sight of the goal. Lao Tsu said the finger pointing to the moon can be released once the moon is seen.

In 2018 let’s be more mindful of the goal – the moon – and how our action or inaction (like not voting) contribute to it. After all, health care for children is not an ‘issue’, is it? Isn’t it something everyone can agree is a good thing? And how about a descent healthy retirement for everyone? And equal justice for rich and poor alike? Do we want our elected representatives to focus on these things or more military spending? Dwight Eisenhower, an old-style Republican, warned against the ‘military/industrial complex’.

A shift in consciousness from guilt, fear, hate and blame to compassion, empathy and inclusion would be most salutary and worth moving towards this year, wouldn’t it?

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