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How Awesome is the Almighty Trump!

How awesome is the almighty Trump, whose button is bigger than Kim’s!
Bow down and praise him with gratitude all ye nations of the earth!
He causeth seemingly normal, heathy human beings to cease to hear gross lies and vulgar vitriol and see not the corruption and devastation He creates and leaves in His mad careen.
He awakens sleeping hatreds and fears, feeding upon them and growing fat.
Cower debased citizens and shit hole countries, lest the almighty one turn his wrath upon you!
For he attacks all that disagree with Him (though it is impossible to know where He truly stands), giving them silly names.
How blessed are His servants, Kelly and Miller, and His enablers, McConnell and Ryan, who, once having been persons of principle, have found their rightful places as groveling sycophants, endangering the world and betraying their oaths and the Nation they allegedly serve. Be not deceived though their eyes are clear and voices firm for they have but one Master now and serve Him with all their talent and might.
All hail the almighty Trump!
But pray to the true Almighty that this is somehow part of His plan for our ultimate salvation.


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