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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Oneness does not mean sameness.

I’m challenged to think how this cool concept relates to the current situation of political and cultural leadership in the USA. How would we define ‘oneness’ in America today? On what do we all agree? I’m not talking about the fringes, those you have always. I’m talking about most Americans. Can we even agree on what ‘American’ means and what America stands for? Can we even agree that such oneness is desirable? Am I a traitor if I try to understand and connect with those who believe differently than I do?

Oneness is not just a theoretical concept for me. I know it doesn’t mean sameness and I don’t want nor expect sameness. But I feel a desperate need to belong to the kind, compassionate and generous nation that seems to be – that is – slipping away. Are the pronouncements and positions of the current political and cultural leadership representative of American oneness? Can we all even agree that a kind, compassionate and generous nation is desirable and that we want to belong to it?


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