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Masacre in Parkland

Masacre in Parkland

More will die. You know that. We don’t know who or when, but if we always do what we always did, more will die. You know they will. Many things contribute and will continue to contribute unless we unite and act.

For example: increases in defense spending and decreases is mental health, food, health care, art and culture that nurture human beings. We have the greatest military shield in human history, as did the Romans, while we rot from the inside for lack of care, compassion and community.

Gerrymandering: we have created ‘safe’ districts for one party and the Congress people in those districts are afraid to act for fear of being ‘primaryed’ by people more extreme than they are. The Congress people in those districts must find the courage to act in spite of that. Their fear and inaction will cost more lives. Only a handful of these cowards, perhaps 30 or 40, are keeping the Nation from moving forward and may be viewed an enablers of the conditions that perpetuate the massacres.

Voters: for some reason – anger, fear, hatred, ignorance – people keep voting for the political party most known for enabling the conditions that perpetuate the massacres. Please, stop voting that way.

Media: as mentioned in my previous post, the fundamental mode of presentation is either/or conflict oriented thinking. If it bleeds, it leads. Conflict, contests and competition are the mode of presentation. A shift to both/and inclusive, solution oriented thinking, just laying out the facts for people to decide for themselves might work wonders.

We need a team effort on this including the NRA. We need old fashioned American hustle and ingenuity. Not only to stop the massacres but to make America great again. Enough blame, guilt and fear-mongering. Right? Enough, already. Let’s try kindness, compassion and community for a change.Gun