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Mindful Monday

The Best Fixer – A Delusion With Political Impact

Who do we want fixing things that need fixing? What kind of attitude would work best? Someone who loves the thing to be fixed, values it, understands how it works and sees its potential? Or, someone who hates it, thinks it’s almost useless, doesn’t really value it and doesn’t really know how it works?

Take education. It needs to be fixed. Do we want a dedicated, effective teacher/educator to work on it, or someone with little or no teaching experience and no track record? Or, brain surgery. Do you want someone who is squeamish and can’t stand the sight of blood, with little knowledge, experience or history of success to work on you?

One significant, perennial political delusion in the USA is that people who hate the system and have no experience or track record – education, medicine, politics – are best able to fix it. Won’t their hatred, ignorance and lack of experience tend to make their ‘fix’ needlessly painful and probably ineffective?

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