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Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies (But not today.)
Why do we need all this money for defense?
Defense against who, what?
What are you afraid of? Who’s going to invade us?
Will tanks, jets and aircraft carriers defend us from ISIS, cyber attacks, our own prejudices and hatreds, or even Russia or China?
And billions to upgrade our nuclear capabilities. Thank God! I was worried about that!
If we’re going to nuke Russia and China and somehow escape ourselves (very unlikely), why do we need the tanks, jets and aircraft carriers?
Hey! Please! Give this whole thing a moment’s thought. How threatened are we really?
Why are we still in Afghanistan, the longest war (for the least return) in American history? The Russians and the Brits couldn’t do it. What kind of hubris have we got?
Couldn’t the $ be better spent defending us from ignorance, disease, and better used elsewhere – schools, health care, energy and infrastructure?
There are more jobs to be had in these areas than military industries.
Of course we need a credible defense. But don’t we have enough already? No? How much is enough? How much more is needed? Will there ever be enough?



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