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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday – A Rant – Forgive Me

Trump is a distraction. While his minions and appointees ravage the country in relative obscurity, the so called ‘liberal’ media, or as Sarah Palin called them, the ‘lame street’, media (Where have you gone, Sarah Palin, a lonely nation turns its eyes to you, oo oo) ignore them. When will he appoint Sarah to something befitting her talents? And Christie and Gulianni? Perhaps after his master, Putin, visits the White House and views the $20 million military parade?

Devoss, Zinke, Pruit and the rest are going about their destructive work mostly uncovered, while the so called liberal media, slavishly cover and analyze every absurd action of the so called president. Yes, he holds that office, but must the media lavish so much attention on him? Are their masters knowingly supporting the Trumpist agenda as they did during the campaign? After all, his ratings are so high. Political porn is so addictive.

They complain about Sinclair Broadcasting, but are doing the same thing. Why all the talk about Trump’s base? They will never change, never. But if the so called liberal media is really interested in change, why don’t they cover the independents, swing democrats, and others that voted for Trump and his republican slaves? Is a shift happening there? I pray it is.


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