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Mindful Monday

Oxytocin is the feel good hormone our bodies produce naturally. New research has shown that being kind is one of the ways we can stimulate its release. David Hamilton in the Five Side Effects of Kindness says that oxytocin, the opposite of cortisol, the stress hormone, turns on the immune system, slows aging and softens artery walls, reducing blood pressure. All this just by being kind. That includes being kind to ourselves.

Kindness is contagious, too. A single act of kindness, even to ourselves, creates a ripple effect. Those who see it and experience it are moved to do likewise. What would happen if the leaders of the governing power were to try kindness instead of attack and vitriol? 

What if when stressed, angry or upset we were kind to ourselves, just took a deep breath and stroked our hand or cheek? What if we did this as soon as, the very moment, we realized we were stressed or angry? No seeking reasons, someone or something to blame. Just, ‘oh, I’m stressed or angry. Let me take a moment for kindness,’ ?


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