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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Michael Neill, the super coach, wrote about being our authentic natural selves and the movie, Scaramouch, starring Stewart Granger. A hideously scarred actor makes his living playing a masked romantic clown by the name of Scaramouch. At some point, unbeknownst to the local police, his mask is taken over by a handsome political radical played by Granger.

Granger is able to function right under the noses of the police because they believe they know all about the hideous creature beneath the mask. In the same way, most of us have spent so long pretending to be whatever it is we’re pretending to be that any pretense of living from our true selves is long gone. We begin to make up a new story, one based on our underlying awareness that we’re not who we appear to be—that at any moment, we’ll be unmasked and found out as the hideous creature, phonies and frauds we are. The more energy we put into developing our mask, the more convinced we become that we really need one.

But what if we’re not hideous creatures, phonies and frauds? What if we’re good and kind and beautiful and don’t need masks? It’s scary to think about suddenly dropping our masks, so don’t. Instead, set an intention to be mindful of opportunities to set the mask aside. The more we do this, the less necessary the mask becomes.


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