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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Why are we here? Why were we created? What’s our purpose? What’s it all about, Alfie?

Kindness, peace and compassion. Success, glory and pleasure are ego tricks to misguide us. What if life is for us? What if we’re one with Source right now, dreaming we’re here, separated from it, and the purpose of life is to awaken and know the truth? Wouldn’t it be crazy to try to return to oneness – kindness, peace and compassion, with hatred in our hearts?

Doesn’t it make sense that only by being kind, peaceful and compassionate can we have kindness, peace and compassion? If praying more, reading holy books and writing holy blogs (like this one), singing in the choir or volunteering worked, wouldn’t we be there already? Content, not form matters. Source recognizes it’s own; knows we are one with it. Attack, fear, hatred, blame, victory are not of source, they are of ego, what separates and denies oneness, keeping us in the nightmare/dream. 

What if in each second, life provides opportunities to be kind, peaceful and compassionate – even towards ourselves? What if life is for me and I can choose to be both myself and mySelf? Would a little mindfulness help?


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