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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

What goes on in the minds of Trump supporters? Not the minds of political hacks like Nunes or the likes of the Kochs and Mercers. I’m wondering about the people who go to rallies and vote for Trump. I understand that millions of them are deeply threatened by the demographic shift and the loss of preeminence. That, coupled with the global economic shift are seemingly rational reasons to support Trump. 

But how far does their support go? What will it take for these people to overcome their fear and anger and see Trump and the Republicans’ dark side? Seemingly nothing. There seems to be nothing Trump and his Republican enablers can do, that will cause their supporters to turn against them.

That unwillingness to stand against the darkness and fight for the light, makes me think of the traditional view of God. God allows murder, rape and war; hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis; disease, poverty and gross inequality and in spite of all that we’re supposed to love Him, honor and pray to Him. Never mind the horror and darkness. We’re supposed to be grateful for the crumbs we receive and thankful that we ourselves are not afflicted.

So it is with Trump and the Republicans. They’re chipping away at American democratic institutions, destroying environmental safeguards and the rule of law itself. They have so coarsened the quality of discourse and inflamed fear and anger, that normal political discussion is impossible. But this is alright, business as usual, for the Trump voter. For them, you have to take the good with the bad. Just like you do with God.


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