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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday


Am I a butterfly dreaming I’m a human being or a human being dreaming I’m a butterfly?

If I’m a spiritual being having an earthly experience, where does pain come from? Spirit has no pain.

From forgetting or denying my reality as spirit.

Last night I was awakened by a severe stomach ache. I went to the living room and sat up. Deep breathing to shift my focus from the pain, I asked for guidance about what to take – Tums, Pepto, Mylanta, nothing – Tums and wait.

We feel pain constantly, whether physical or psychological. It’s difficult to get through a day, an hour, even a minute without something bothering us.  But if I’m a spiritual being first, I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts. I’ve got to go within first, be mindful of my thoughts like I did last night with the stomach ache.

The guidance was Tums and wait. The pain subsided and I went back to bed and slept thru the night.


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