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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday


“Be ye perfect as your father in heaven.”

I always thought this was a verb, something requiring me to do more and be more.

Now I understand it as a noun, as something I, and you, already am.

“Know ye not that ye are gods?” And, “Greater things than this shall ye do also.”

To me, the message is, what we are supposed to understand, is that we were born perfect, whole and complete and that wonderful energy of perfection and wholeness is within us right now!

Too often, I forget that the freedom to be whole and perfect is still available within me and get dragged down by appearances and BS. Choosing to get my ego out of the way and allow the perfection to flow is the way. We are so much more and better than our egos, aren’t we? We can be so caring and compassionate, kind and generous!

Being mindful means seeing the disease, lies, horror, corruption and fear, knowing they are ego and dealing with them by going within and being guided by our innate, natural perfection.


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