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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday


Can I release the idea that there’s something against me? 

How would I live, feel and behave if I knew, deep within, that everything – absolutely everything – Trump, cancer, and pain – were grist for my mill?

Even at two AM in the morning, flooded with fear, worry and dark thoughts, the sun is shining over Russia. Yes, the sun shines over Russia too.

What if as MLK said, the arc of history is long but bends toward justice?

Can’t I allow the courage that’s my birthright, and yours as well, to fill me and guide me and free me to speak and act from my highest and best right now in this instant? Not from fear, blame and anger, but from an intuitive sense, beyond ego, of what I need to do right now for myself and for a world that works for everyone, everything and the planet.


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