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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Integrity  (For John McCain – polar opposite of Donald Trump)

I trust that if something doesn’t resonate with me, it isn’t mine at this time.

I trust that when I no longer feel drawn to something that I was previously drawn to, I give myself permission to let it go, no matter how much I’ve invested in it, for I’m being drawn to something new.

I don’t need an explanation for this guidance. Trying to put it in a box only limits me and It.

I chose to savor the small fleeting moments for they will never come again and the value of Life in not in longevity.

When experience is unpleasant, I choose to walk through it, allowing it to to dissipate, just as the small fleeting moments dissipate.

I rest in the place of savoring, allowing, and accepting for there my next steps become clear.



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