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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

It’s A Designer World (and we’re the designers)

What if the problem is not outside me, in the world, but inside me in my thoughts about the world? What if the way to deal with the problem isn’t to deal with it out there in the world, but to change my thoughts about the world; to take responsibility for my thoughts? 

I can change my thoughts much more easily than I can change the world. Right? What if by changing my thoughts, my interpretation, I gain a breakthrough insight? What if by thinking yes, Trump is President, but I’m open to knowing and being shown what I can do to squeeze the good from it?

I have done this. I have been shown. And the world has changed for me. It’s not as hopeless as it was. I feel better about my life and what I can do. I’ve claimed my power and I’m not so much of a victim.

Unfortunately, doing this is not a one time thing. That’s why mindfulness is so important. It’s a constant, moment to moment practice. But it is a practice, a spiritual practice. What I call spiritual technology. And like all practices, the more I do it the stronger and more effective I become.Try it. It’s a designer world and you and I are the designers.


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