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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

The Spiritual End

I’ve found that thinking of Life as a continuum with the formless – invisible and spiritual, at one end and form – the material and visible at the other, and working at the spiritual end gets better results because everything starts as an idea: It is done unto you as you believe; change your mind change your life; and we are one.  

At the spiritual end, giving and receiving are the same, to give is to receive. To strengthen ideas, I share them, give them away. Yet I still retain them. To learn, I merely open and receive. There’s no exchange, no sacrifice. This is how it works for all the important things: compassion, joy, love, beauty, friendship – to have a friend, be a friend. These are abundant, inexhaustible and freely available. I know this when I’m at the spiritual end of the continuum.

The continuum is flat, easy to move along from one end to the other. Not a pyramid with spiritual at the top and material at the bottom. When I’m mindful that I’m on a continuum, not a pyramid struggling to reach the top, I’m able to shift my thinking, my mental frame, move to the spiritual end and experience the reality of giving of my inexhaustible store of compassion, joy, love, beauty, friendship to have compassion, joy, love, beauty, friendship.


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