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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Right this minute, as you read this, members of the Trump Administration – Ryan Zinke, Betsy DeVoss, all the other Cabinet heads and the people working for them, are busy taking away Federal protections for clean air, water, racism and all the other things that have made America great. Right now, it’s happening right now, and the media are not adequately reporting it. In fact, last night the PBS Newshour spent nearly 20 minutes talking about the natives in Brazil, while more pollutants are being poured into the air. I looked for a comment section on the Newshour website, but couldn’t find one.

It’s not just PBS tho. They’re all not doing it. Is it too much to ask that the media from print to air, regularly review each one of the Trump Cabinet’s dismantling of our domestic foundations?  Maybe a weekly column or ten minutes a night? I hate to agree with the President, but there does seem to be some kind of conspiracy. Not the ones he loves. But the ones designed to keep us ignorant, docile and in the dark. Especially now, a few weeks before the midterms and with the Kavaneuh pending.


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