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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Better Thoughts = A Better Life.

Thinking about changing my entire mindset – my whole story – is daunting. But I don’t have to change the whole thing, just one thought at a time. That’s what mindfulness is – awareness of one thought at a time. Not judgment, awareness; then deciding if I want more of that kind of thinking or less.

We all have a story, but I am not my story. Self talk is crucial. Every thought counts. What the mind created, the mind can change. It isn’t how I started that counts, it’s how I  am now. But it is a wrestling match. Habits are strong. With mindfulness I can redirect and reframe. I can get off auto pilot. Why let my old story choose for me? 

I can do a real time thought audit – does this thought make me feel confident or crushed; priceless or worthless; limitless or limited; happy or sad; energized or drained. Remember, don’t believe everything you think and opinions don’t = facts.


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