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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday


Life is trustable, not always likable, but it knows what it’s doing.

Believing this, it’s possible to face the world’s terror, suffering and cruelty while simultaneously being present to all its wonder, beauty and grace. It starts with my own self; with accepting myself right now, without judgment, just as I am. Look in the mirror and do that. It’s difficult, isn’t it? My nose is too big, my eyes are drooping, my stomach, OMG! – when did I get that bulge? And that shitty attitude….

What if I loved it all? What if I let the ego’s filters to love’s power and presence go? What if I re-connect with mySelf – the spiritual within me, you and everyone, even the Donald? Actually, the spiritual magnificence within won’t stand for less. It keeps bothering me. With my bloated nothingness out of the way I’ll experience the terror and cruelty as well as the beauty and wonder and go from there.


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