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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday


What would I understand and accomplish if I could get beyond myself – not be anchored by the temporal and spacial limitations of my ‘normal’ everyday mind and body? Would I be Spider Man, the Hulk, Black Lightening, Captain America, Wonder Woman, the Golem? Why are so many of our favorite myths and fantasies about transforming and transcending our limitations? 

Two reasons. First, we know it’s really possible. Second, the power to do that is inside every one of us. Not outside, but inside. Spirit can be limited by nothing and we are spiritual beings first and foremost. That’s why we’re attracted to the super heroes. They’re showing us the way, what we also might do if we accept our reality as spirit. The rabbi Jesus said, “Greater things than this shall you do also” and “know ye not ye are gods?”

There’s another side of going beyond – stillness – the peace that passeth understanding. How gracious that peace is! The calm oneness. No cares, worries, struggle and strife. How much to be desired. For me, right now, at this point in my life that peace is what I want most.


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