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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Constrasts and Contradictions

Don’t the contrasts and contradictions make your heart ache? Images of holiday cheer abound – happy families gathered around lit-up Christmas trees and tables full of food. People shopping (could it possibly be Christmas in America if people weren’t shopping?). Christmas carols with sweet sentiments. Then people voting not their gratitude, love and compassion, but their hate, blame and fear.

To me, this season if it were to be truly honored and taken to heart, would be only about all of humanity, all of our brothers and sisters, all those seeking, risking and yes ‘caravaning’ for a better, safer life. What is this bullshit about ‘illegals’? About race and religion? Are they not all our brothers and sisters? Can we not imagine ourselves in their places? Would we not seek freedom, opportunities and compassion as they do?

Sure there are chislers, cheats and liers among them. You find them everywhere, next door and especially in Washington. I often say to my wife as I behold the hypocracy of the American Dream from which my entire family of immigrants has benefited that if I were a black or other gendered I’d have been dead long ago, fighting for the dream and an end to the hypocracy and contradictions.


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