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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

The Wisdom of Oneness

One power, one energy in, through and as all that is. Me, you, Trump. What uses this power, shapes and guides it? We do. Scary thought. Very scary. Our beliefs, imaginings and creativity shape it. No! Can’t be! The world was here before me and will be here after I die. I was born into it. Right? That’s what we think because we fear our power. Don’t want to accept responsibility for it. What we’ve done with it is too terrible – war, concentration camps, poverty, murder. Wonderful things too – sunrise and sunset, forests, oceans, poetry and compassion. 

It’s up to us. The one power is neutral, plastic and responsive to our feelings, beliefs and thoughts. We’re responsible. Scary but true. Projection makes perception. The power is like jello and takes the shape of our mental/emotional molds, our mental equivalents. We are the power we call ‘God’. We’ve denied it. Projected it out onto a superhuman being. But it’s still us. We need to believe in something greater than ourselves. OK. Fine. 

So let’s take the power and responsibility back and give it over to our Selves, the part of us that does compassion, mountains, forests, clean air and water. The part that is a paradox, that is nothing, invisible and creates out of itself. The part that is always serene, still and peaceful in the midst of the frantic action of life. The part who’s nurturing peace and renewal is always there deep within our experience.

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