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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Anger and Projection

I choose anger because I’m afraid of peace, for within the peace from which everything is created, the self I think I am is meaningless.  In that deep neutral peace, differences don’t exist, all is one, so there is no ‘me’. Anger is a smoke screen concealing the true conflict between myself and mySelf – my ego self and my God self. Genuine peace comes when I choose the part of my mind that does compassion, mountains, forests, clean air and water. All conflict arose when I chose to leave that part of my mind. When I return to it, only peace remains.

This suggests that ‘fixing’ things in the world isn’t the most effective way to go. It says that if I return to my mind and choose again, problems here will disappear. The movies are a good metaphor for this. When the picture’s out of focus on the screen, I don’t go up to the screen to fix it, I call the projection booth. So with my experience, the screen. If I want to have a different experience, I have go to the mind, the projection booth. The brain maybe a camera, but the mind is a projector.


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