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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday


If we stay with the movie projector metaphor from last post, death is an illusion, too. Part of the way we express our fear of losing our selves to our Self. Realizing our true nature as pure energy, as butterflies dreaming we are people, can awaken us from the nightmare of death to the reality of endless life. No dogma or rituals are necessary to accomplish this. Just understanding, desire and appreciation. We believe in death because we see it as an escape from the mess we’ve made. But if we accept our oneness and join with our Self, we can see that death as part of the duality of the ego’s illusion of life on earth. 

But if all is oneness and there is no duality, no light and dark, death and life, then there is only life and the peace that passeth understanding here and now. Death is not a natural law and has nothing to do with the benign eternal energy we call ‘God’. Death cannot be escape, because the problem isn’t in living, it’s believing the nightmare is living. In the instants we return to our minds and choose a different set of beliefs we are truly alive and free as air. We are spirit and spirit neither lives nor dies, it’s not born. Spirit is life; it just is.


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