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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Minimum Qualifications  #MinQuals

To be a beautician in FL you need 1,200 Cosmology School hours + an exam.

You need a license to drive.

To be a General Contractor you need four years of experience and prove financial stability.

To be a nurse, physician or lawyer, you need many years of college.

To sell real estate in FL you need sixty three hours of classroom training and at least a score of 75 out of a 100 on an exam.

What are the requirements for President of the United States? For members of Congress; Governor, State Legislators, County Commissioners or Mayors? It’s not even necessary to be honest and of  ‘good character’. Consider the current President.

Is it wise to give such vast power to people with no qualifications?

Even dogs need licenses!

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the founders thought leaving decisions about quals to the ‘people’ made sense. After all, it was a more innocent time and it was a new democracy. The founders also warned about political parties; thought eligible voters would vote, and vote their self, national and community interest intelligently. Today the parties decide who will ‘run’ and the ‘people’, 49% of which did not vote in 2016, vote as partisans at a football game, without appreciating the impacts of their governments on themselves, their children and the world.

This need not be. We are fully capable of establishing minimum quals for the highest offices in our Nation. We must protect ourselves from another Trump. The parties can remain (Yech!) and everyone can vote, but only for people who have met the minimal quals. I mean think about it…beauticians need 1,200 hours of course work. Duh!


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