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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

The Game

The game is over, but the Game never ends.

I hope your team won. But now it’s done.

Life goes on and has consequences.

Treating life and politics as if it were a competition to be decided in a few hours, a contest with winners and losers and no real consequences, is becoming normal, especially in American politics.

The fact that 49% of Americans eligible to vote decided they didn’t want to play the Game in 2016, that a plague on both their houses was the way to teach ’em a lesson had consequences no one could have anticipated and brought us today.

Thinking of politics as a game, as a sporting event with no serious consequences in which you pick your team, maybe vote, and it’s over, is dangerous. We’ve got to be mindful of that kind of thinking. It’s not useful and has serious consequences. Politics is not a game, it’s the way we decide who we are and what kind of Nation we want to be for years to come.


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