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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Schma Y’israel

The signature prayer of Judaism – Schma Y’israel – “hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.”

As a child, I thought it referred to having no idols. It does, but it’s more than that. It’s about oneness itself; that there’s no separation, that God and human beings are one, that the power we call ‘God’ is fully present in everything – rocks, trees, animals – everything, even Trump and his Republican sycophants. It means there is no opposite to God, no evil, no devil. What seems to be evil is the belief in separation itself.

Separation as duality, as paired opposites, as Life and Death, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, permeate the world and our experience here. But if oneness is real, duality has to be an illusion. This means the way we think about the traditional God, ourselves, pain, evil, the entire world and universe – uni – one, is illusory. And can be changed. Right? Can be brought more into line with the peace, joy, harmony, compassion, kindness and all-inclusiveness of our best sense of oneness.

This means we need not feel guilty or ashamed. If we want things to be different – more in line with oneness, we can choose now – this time is all there truly is, to feel, think and behave differently. Guilt, fear and shame only make sense in a world of oneness, as a call to awake from the illusion of separation and claim the peace, joy, harmony, compassion, kindness and all-inclusiveness that is our natural birthright and true identity.


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