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Wise Wednesday

A Wag and a Smile

by Steve Liebowitz  12/16/15


I’m engrossed writing. Trying to capture a complex plot twist.

“Honey! Please come here.”

She really does need me, I know.

“In a minute.”

I type a few more words, but it’s not there yet.

I go to her. She’s really happy to see me. Her smile makes the interruption worth while.

Back at it and the dog is at my feet, between my legs, whining and wagging.

“Shit!” But I’m happy to see him. I love to see him wag. His sister, who’s smaller, joins him.

Two dogs wagging. I like it.

“OK!” and they bound off, wagging.

The dogs are happy. My wife’s happy.

A wag and a smile make it all worthwhile.

And the work goes more smoothly.


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