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Wise Wednesday


Wise Wednesday

Integrity too

Societies have integrity too.

The sentiments in the Declaration of Independence, the words on the Statue of Liberty are aspirational yet represent the integrity of the USA.

Please understand. The behavior of the Trump Administration and its sycophants is out of integrity with America’s most cherished ideals. It’s not just politics or business as usual.

To be out of integrity is to be wounded, sick and in pain.

The wound to our integrity must be treated like any other wound. It must be recognized and treated. We must acknowledge the wound and take steps to return to our ideals. 

We can heal the wound, restore our wholeness and go on to make our ideals real. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone, everywhere.

Behavior can be distinguished from personhood. Those that have been called out can be called in. Those that created the wound can help heal it. It can be no other way; else the seeds of the next wounding have been sown.

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