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Two Days to Go!


If you understand Science and Spirit to be two sides of a single coin, not mutually exclusive, then the power of both is available to you. Old professionals think it’s either one or the other and thus have only half their power available. New professionals understand that both Science and Spirit are fully available and so play the game of life with a full deck, not half. The New Professionalism explains why both/and thinking is better than either/or thinking and explains how to use it. Change your thinking, change your life. Explore becoming a new professional.

Dr. Steve and his wife live in Kendall with two dogs. He has an earned doctorate and two masters degrees. He’s a Vietnam Veteran active in numerous community organizations. His Old Testament trilogy, The Covenant and The Scrolls, is also available at Amazon. Talk with him at: sliebowitz@aol.com.


A - Steve at SFWA with book