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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Spirit Tech

Perhaps you’ve notice the term “Spirit Tech” at the bottom of my posts.

As spiritual beings having earthly experiences, we’re not confined to earthly technology, we can also use spiritual technology – practices, methods and techniques, that take advantage of our reality as spiritual beings.

These work amazingly well in our earthly experience – amazing from our earthly perspective. 

Meditation, intuition and all the other forms of Spirit Tech are like unused muscles. They need to be used regularly to be effective.

I’m available to support you as you develop an exercise routine for these muscles – sliebowitz@aol.com and check out the link below.

Discover more about wisdom as Spirit Tech – Spiritual Technology –  in The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit http://www.HQPubs.com/spirit-tech-spiritual-technology/

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