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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

The Mirror

What if the Universe, you and I and Life itself, were an energy field that worked like a mirror. Hold something small like a paper clip before the mirror and it’s reflected back. Hold up something larger like your own self and it’s reflected back. The mirror doesn’t complain that you are so much larger than the paper clip, so much heavier.

What if there was a mirror large enough to reflect back a mountain or an aircraft carrier? It would not be difficult. It would not be easy. It would simply reflect what was placed before it.

Energy exists everywhere, now. We neither create it, nor hold it in place. Like a mirror it merely reflects. Our thoughts – “good” and “bad”, hopes, wishes and dreams form a mold for it to fill and reflect, a mental/emotional equivalent.

Now, knowing this, what are we to do…?

Understanding that Life is an energy field and a mirror and learning how to work with these ideas is what Spirit Tech is all about.

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