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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday


Happiness, pleasure and sensuality are not only essential to a healthy life but to a healthy brain. Enough puritanical BS! Dopamine, the pleasure neurochemical, enables the brain to pursue its primary goal, once survival is ensured, the pursuit of pleasure and happiness. Without the dopamine boost, we soon become clinically depressed. The rejection of pleasure and happiness damages all the functions of the brain.

Enough puritanical and workaholic BS! We need to integrate our hedonistic yearnings, not suppress them! Try this bit of Spirit Tech for a day – every hour take 60 seconds to review the tiny accomplishments of the previous hour, and another 60 seconds to do something physically pleasurable – stroke your face, stretch, massage your hands or arms. Not only does this give you a dopamine boost, it also stimulates the brain’s salience network which regulates empathy, compassion and kindness. Put Spirit Tech to work for you.

Discover more about wisdom as Spirit Tech – Spiritual Technology –  in The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit http://www.HQPubs.com/spirit-tech-spiritual-technology/

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