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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Being Human

Animals teach us to be human. They remind us that living and dying are the things we must do – the simple poetry of living. 

I am because my dog knows me. 

Jaques Derrida wrote about being ashamed to be naked in front of his cat – I feel shame “if the cat observes me frontally naked face-to-face…. Ashamed of what and before whom? Ashamed of being as naked as a beast. It is generally thought…that the property unique to animals, what in the last instance distinguished them from humans, is their being naked without knowing it. Not being naked therefore, not having knowledge of their nudity, in short, without consciousness of good and evil.  Naked without knowing it, animals would not be, in truth, naked.”

From a lecture by Dorothea Lasky published in the American Poetry Review, Vol 48/No.6

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