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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Forest for the Trees

We have a tendency to fragment, then be concerned with the little part of the whole, missing the whole. Think of Psychology, Economics, Politics, History, etc. And we wonder where Humanity went. I think Dickens has Scrooge say, “Humanity should have been my study….” Indeed.

Humanity is a mystery. We keep coming up with reasons and explanations, but really, think about it, what do we know? Mass murderers and Trump supporters remain fundamentally unexplained even to themselves.

To obtain the peace of understanding, which is what all our study is for, we have to give up reasoning and fragmentation and accept that we can’t know that way and try another way. 

By going within, centering and letting go of how we think things are and should be, we can be guided and know what to think, feel and do. Not necessarily what everyone should do, but our part – what we are to think, feel and do. Think about it. 

What else can be done? We keep trying the traditional, rational, fragmented way and we have what we have. A good definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Spirit Tech can help overcome this form of insanity.

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