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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

The Ego Paradox – You Can’t Get There From Here

The Course in Miracles says experience here is an illusion created by the ego.

But, when I’m in pain, suffering or dissatisfied, the ego seems unable to deal with its creation and help.

Only letting ego go, giving whatever it is over, pausing, breathing into it, releasing all thought, wanting to see not just that particular thing differently, but all things differently – without the ego, being grateful for my reality as Spirit and freedom from all that binds me to the past, and knowing there is only one power – Spirit, not two powers – ego and spirit, and knowing I’m never upset for the reason I think, enables the shift to grace and spaciousness.

Fear and faith are not so different. Fear accepts that which we don’t want to experience; faith accepts what we do want to experience. They’re two sides of one coin, two ways of using one power. It’s not denying the reality of external experience, but rather affirming the reality of the inner experience that creates the external. Spirit Tech helps do that.

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