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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Something More, Something Greater

Is there an aspect of ourselves that is eternal, infinite? Is that what the soul is? Is intuition a connection of our finite selves with that infinite aspect? 

Since the infinite can’t come from the finite, that’s probably true.

Writing about this, Dr. Michelle Medrano tells a story. “When my son was two, I asked him, ‘Where were you before you came to be with me and Daddy?’ He answered in his little two year old voice, ‘Oh, Mommy, I tried to come to be with you two times, but I couldn’t get here!’ I had indeed had two previous pregnancies that did not come to term.”

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, let’s give thanks for our infinite reality as spirit in addition to all our finite blessings. To do this constantly, with all that transpires, especially politics, will bring a world that works for everyone and everything. Spirit Tech can help.

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