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Mindful Monday

Binary Thinking & Regret

As soon as I set up a binary, either/or situation and have to choose, regret is inevitable. And with regret, anxiety, doubt and fear. Doubt and anxiety about making the right choice and fear of making a mistake. This regret, doubt, anxiety and fear are usually below consciousness. So, too often, I go around under a cloud of unease, not really knowing why.

Clarity, certainty and gratitude reduce and for awhile, eliminate the cloud of unease. When I’m whizzing along the right path, I’m happy and grateful and fully present. That’s why I value clarity and certainty. But I’ve got to be careful of certainty. Sometimes it conflicts with clarity. I can get stuck in certainty and be blind to what’s really happening.

Often I feel like if I could just stop thinking, everything would be fine. But it isn’t thinking per se, that’s the problem, it’s the kind of thinking, binary either/or thinking is the problem. The alternative is both/and thinking, inclusive, punishment-free thinking. Like Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Unfortunately, both/and thinking is rare. Our habitual pattern is either/or – black or white, male or female, Democrat or Republican. That’s what we get on the ‘news’, are taught in school – who’s #, what’s your favorite ice cream, winning is everything.

Either/or thinking has to be consciously confronted. It’s a deeply ingrained habit. But it can be done. Spirt Tech can help. The reward is less regret, anxiety, doubt and fear. Next time you’re uneasy, don’t fall back on your habitual choices, try both/and, more inclusive, compassionate, non-punitive thinking. In spite of everything, both Republicans and Democrats are Americans.

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