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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday


The world in dreams seems quite real. Yet it’s clearly not the world I saw when I was awake. I don’t find the differences between what I saw sleeping and waking disturbing. I know the waking world is blotted out by dreaming. Yet, on waking, it’s the dreaming world that’s blotted out, not the waking. I never doubt that the waking world will be there when I arise.

Dreams are chaotic because they’re governed by my conflicting wishes. Dreams show me I have the power to make a world and while I’m in that world, I believe it’s real. It’s a world clearly in my mind that seems to be outside.

What if my sleeping and waking worlds are different forms of the same energy? What if by appreciating this, I can let go of the chaos and allow the dream of being a man dreaming he’s a spiritual being, shift to a spiritual being dreaming it’s a man?

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