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Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies

God & Science

The born again’s disavowal of Science, which might develop a vaccine would be humorous, indeed IS humorous, but for the looming tragedy of the Corona Virus (which was ‘sent’ by who? Ah, yes, I forgot, the Devil.) 

It reminds me of this joke: A man sat on the roof of his house as the flood waters rose. A row boat came by. “C’mon down and get in.” “No, God will save me.” As the water rose another boat came by. “C’mon down and get in.” “No, God will save me.” The water rose to touch the man’s legs. A helicopter came and dropped him a line. “No, God will save me.” 

The water continued to rise and the man drowned. God interviews him in Heaven. “Why didn’t you use the boats or the helicopter?” “I was waiting for you to save me.” “Who do you think sent the boats and helicopter?”

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