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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Could something like this be  happening to you?

With the Critic as default, nothing is ever good enough. There’s always something wrong, something to be corrected. Especially thoughts, tempting me to something the Critic thinks is wrong. When these thoughts and ideas drift across my mind, the Critic cuts me, tightening me up to resist. 

When I become mindful of the tightness, it can take awhile, I may understand what’s happening – the Critic cutting me – or I may think that the tightness is due to something organically, physically wrong with me.

If I get passed thinking it’s physical and understand what the Critic is doing, I can then breath into the sensation and begin letting it go, knowing it’s only the Critic and I’m so much more than that. The Critic is only a small part of me and I don’t have to take it so seriously. 

When I become aware of the tightness, I can appreciate what’s going on, experience it as an opportunity to breath deeply, relax and know I’m so much more, that the power we call ‘God’ is my default, not the Critic. That I can use the power that spins the planet, makes the stars shine and allows me to put one foot in front of the other to not just defend against the Critic, and squeeze out a few moments of peace and appreciation, but to live long and prosper.

It’s not the death of a thousand cuts, but the life of a hundred thousand breaths.

Perhaps for you, too. Spirit Tech can help make it so.

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