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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Chasing the Butterfly

Thank you to the folks that came to the Zoom meeting yesterday!

Something I did once, ages ago, when I was younger, and probably you did too, is chase a butterfly. Thrilled with its beauty, grace and freedom, I wanted to have and hold it. But caught in my cupped hands, I couldn’t see it. To see it, I had to let it go. 

I still chase and cling, cling and chase; only now coming to understand that the deepest things beat within, made dark and fearful by clinging, only uplifting when they’re let them go.

Spirit Tech helps with the letting go.

Discover more about mindfulness as Spirit Tech – Spiritual Technology –  in The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit http://www.HQPubs.com/spirit-tech-spiritual-technology/

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